Fig and Dates slice -Eggless and whole meal

Back in my home-town,  we usually get dates which are ultra dried , really hard and are super sweet and push you into a Sugar comma!
You have to chew those forever and you would get a jaw ache after eating few of those!
Later once I got the real taste of the fresh ripe dates and the semi dried ones, there was no looking back. I became a buff.I always have a box of dried dates in my pantry, I don’t mean the rubbery ones but the soft, juicy ones!

As I am on a healthy wholesome baking spree, here is a eggless, whole meal, nutritious  snack 

Fig and date slice -Eggless and whole meal

100 gms Whole meal flour
100 gms Instant Oats
60 gms Brown sugar
75 gms butter melted
75 gms Milk
Juice of half Orange
 For the filling
150 gms Figs/Dates
50 ml water
1 tspn Sugar
Flavoring- I used some ginger syrup
Juice of half Orange

Chop the dates and figs , add water, sugar, flavoring and orange juice and let it simmer for about 10 minutes until is very soft and mushy. Let it cool down
Meanwhile mix together the dry ingredients- Whole wheat flour, Oats, brown sugar and mix well
Add the melted butter and milk , orange juice and mix well.
Spread half of the mix in a square pan and spread it evenly using a spatula
Spoon the dates/fig mix on top of it and spread it out.
Add the remaining batter and spread using a fork .
Bake in a preheated oven for 25-30 minutes until it is golden brown on top
Once cooled down, cut it into slices and enjoy.


  1. Ramya, this is a great recipe..bookmarked...lovely pics too.

  2. Ramya, this sounds great! Love the ingredients and the recipe!!

  3. This sounds nice and quite healthy too

  4. Nice recipe....looks awesome and yumm.

  5. This looks delicious and very healthy too..

  6. Simply mind blowing and yummy looking meal. Already drooling over here in front of the monitor.


  7. Omg, wat a healthy and quite addictive slices,well done.

  8. Deve essere buonissimo! Felice giornata...ciao

  9. Another blog from Cool Blogs

  10. Figs are always healthy and I love eating figs in any form. Loved the recipe and saving this recipe for the weekend. Have a wonderful day and happy cooking/baking.

  11. wow...the meal looks so delicious....drooling here :-)



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